Singing Down Memory Lane

“I have done several of these concerts already, and I can tell you that what I see in the audience is people more champing at the bit to sing than self-conscious about joining in. These were folks who were not just singing songs; they were reliving the memories that these tunes brought to them. The result is just pure joy.”

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"27" An Opera in Five Acts

If you're on Facebook then you got a face full of this project when we launched the premiere of "27" at Opera Theater of St. Louis last summer. Here is a portion of the fruits of that labor- a live recording! This is incredibly exciting, and I must reiterate what a blessing and joy it was to be a part of this monumental work. I cannot wait to have another opportunity to bring Gertrude, Alice and company out onto the boards again, but until then, we can listen and remember!

** The CD is currently out of stock on Amazon so if you'd like to purchase a copy immediately, you can go to